Puppies born August 20th, 2004  (Nigel & Gabby)
7 Weeks Old
I just love playing in the water bowl..
Come on I've got the toy now
This has a different taste to it.......
I found it, I found it,you cant have it..
Walking with Sabrina (10 months old)
Sabrina love's to play with us...
We had fun playing now its time for a nap...
Bella gave birth to 9 beautiful puppies on Monday March 7th, 2005.
2 Black Females, 3 Landseer Females and 4 Landseer Males.
1 day old
3 days old
6 days old
14 days old
Sabrina gave birth to 7 puppies on July 18th, 2005
5 Black Males, 2 Black Females again all Landseer  recessive.  Mummy and babies are doing wonderful.
One Day Old
Gabby has 6 puppies, they were born on July 20, 2005, 3 Black Males, 3 Black Females all Landseer recessive. All are doing very well.
1 Day Old
4 Days Old
8 Days Old
13 Days Old
15 Days Old
Nigel 8 half years, with our Grand-daugher's Mialy & Abby
Bella and Nigel Puppies Born November 4th, 2006
Friday March 16th, 2007 CoCo gave birth.  She has 12 beautiful puppies, 6 Brown Females, 2 Brown Males, 2 Black Females and 2 Black Males. 
One Day Old
4 Days Old
CoCo Puppies 16 days old
CoCo's Puppies 19 Days Old
CoCo's Puppies @ 4 Weeks Old

Shiloh had 7 Puppies on April 21, 2007.  1 Landseer Female, 2 Landseer Males, 2 Black Females & 2 Black Males.
 1 Day Old
4 Days Old
Sabrina had 2 Puppies on April 19th, 1 Landseer Female and 1 Landseer Male.
1 Day Old
6 Days Old
2 Weeks Old
16 Weeks Old
Hello Mummy, are you taking photo's again......
I've got the toy, ha, ha, ha........
Oh its been a rough day !!!!
Now what's going on over there.........
Hello Mummy, Im almost home...
Got WATER !!!!
Shiloh's Pups April '07  18 Weeks

1 Month Old
5 Weeks Old
9 Weeks Old

Bella & Sabrina with their babies born March 3rd & 7th 2008 Puppies 10 Weeks Old
                                                   SABRINA PUPPIES BORN FRIDAY APRIL 17TH, 20, Puppy Visit Day @ 6 Weeks (May 31, 2009
One Day Old
CoCo/Nigel's PupsBorn 8/19/08
Waiting to have my my babies

My Baby Girl, 1st Born 
1 Day Old
10 Days Old
6 Weeks Old
5 Weeks Old
3 1/2 Weeks Old
5 Days Old
Puppy Visit Day @ 6 Weeks (May 31, 2009
Sabrina Pups
Nap Time is sooo good.....
CoCo andByron Buyers on Pick Up Day March 10, 2010

Visit to The Girl Scout Camp with Falco and Strider
They were learning about Lewis & Clarks Expedition
Briscoe 10 Months
Bear 1 Year ( Briscoe's Brother
Bear 1 year old, Samantha 2 1/2 years
Bear 10 Months Old With his Daddy
Byron 5 years
Motely 11 Months Old
CoCo Puppies.  Born Jan 1, 2010
Sabrina and Bear Puppies Going Home. April 10th, 2010

CoCo had her "babies" October 1, 2010.  Mummy and Babies are doing wonderful. 
4 Hours Old
4 Hours Old
19 Days Old
19 Days Old
2 Weeks Old
2 Weeks Old
Ohhhhhhh, that was really good .......Tummy is full and now to sleep......
CoCo/Nigel puppies, Nov 13th & 14 Puppy Pick Day (pups 6 wks old.)

CoCo and Nigel Puppy Pick Up Day. 10 Week old puppies with their New Mummy and Daddy, Dec 11th, 2010....