In Loving Memory of Tasha

I hope they didn't find the toy?
We have to find the toy before Tasha !!!
I think she found it..
Another favorite toy, (all of the toys are "my favorites"
I'm ready to go play.....
It's mine, I found it first !!!!!
This is my "favorite" toy..
I found Gabby now where are the others?
I think I see them, let's go hide.......
I found "Mummy's" Glove, ha, ha
Tasha 18 months old
Tasha was a victim of a hit and run on Friday November 21st, 2003.  She is missed so much by all of us.
Everyone that knew Tash or if you did'nt know her you will see what a wonderful, happy-go-lucky girl she was. All she ever wanted to do was play and be loved.  Sabre and Jazz were her parents and her best friend was Bella, I called them "the terrible two" as they always found things to get into and they played together all the time, now that Tasha has gone Bella is lost without her, but in time Bella will bounce back and be happy again and start to play with her her other friends.