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This document represents a “Bill Of Sale” for a puppy from:



Whelp Date:_____________

Breed:  Newfoundland

Markings:________       Sex:_____

Terms of Contract:

Seller implies no health of soundness of the puppy except that the standard puppy shots were given in a timely manner and that the above mentioned puppy was wormed and given two (2) thorough health exams by a licensed veterinarian.  If the above puppy was flown to its new owner the puppy would have had a 3rd examination and was issued a health certificate verifying the health.  In the event that an unknown hereditary defect which causes a life threatening condition, (crippling, severe lameness or death) within 18 months of purchase and verified by two (2) specialists that this is hereditary not environmental or nutritional a replacement puppy out of a future litter (within 24 months) will be made available to the buyer, the replacement puppy not necessarily will be of the same sex or color.  Before a replacement puppy is given the buyer has to show the seller proof of spay/neuter, x-rays, report and findings from a specialist veterinarian in the field of concern.   If the buyer passes on a replacement puppy the contract is considered fulfilled.  No monies for vet or surgery will be given.  The replacement puppy is not guaranteed.  Buyer assumes the airfare to send the replacement puppy and the buyer assumes all veterinarian costs.   All deposits made on a puppy is Non refundable. If you do not want a puppy from the litter(s) we have then you will be put onto the next litter.

All of our puppies are given “Mega C” supplement within 2 hours of birth.  At age 4-5 weeks they are introduce to NuVet Plus.  They will be on these supplements until they leave our care.  I cannot stress enough how important these supplements are.  Mega C Plus is an excellent source to cell support; NuVet Plus has many natural, human-grade vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that it will provide essential nutrients that are missing from your puppy/dog diet. You will receive literature and samples of both Mega C Plus and NuVet plus in your puppy package.  Mega C Plus can be ordered at or you can call (408) 227-9334.  While ordering the Mega C Plus I would suggest you order the book “How to have a Healthier Dog” by Wendell O. Belfield to learn more about Mega C.   NuVet Plus is only available through a breeder, it is not sold in stores, the website is: and the phone number is: 800-474-7044, when ordering you will have to give the Code # 39742, without this code you will not be able to order.  These two (2) supplements are to be given to your puppy for the duration of this contract (18 months) this will ensure your puppy to the best start in its life; after the contract period is up I would suggest that you keeping them on these supplements.  The contract will be considered NULL and VOID if you do not keep your puppy on these supplements for the contract period. 

Buyer will supply the puppy with adequate food, water, shelter and lots and lots of love.  At no time will your puppy/dog be chained as means of keeping it in the yard.  If for any reason you have to give up your puppy/dog then Brookstone Newfoundland’s will have first choice of taking the puppy/dog back.  

Registration, Payment and Deposit:

“Brookstone” will be the first name on the registration. 

 A deposit of $500 (Non Refundable) for a Limited Registration $____ 

Puppies are released to their new owners at 10 Weeks old.                                                                                                          
The remaining balance can be made at 6 weeks old (Pick Out Day)  in the form of check or cash, if not suitable then the balance has to be in cash at the time of pick up (10 Weeks Old.) 

Buyer’s Name:____________________

Buyer’s Address:_________________________________________

Buyer’s Phone:____________________________

Buyers” Signature:_______________________

Sellers Signature:_____________________


Limited or Full Reg:____________________

Paid in Full:_____________________