In Memory of  Sabre 
11/24/98 - 07/11/05
In Memory of Tasha 7/15/01 -11/21/03
Gabby Retired 

                                             Thank you for visiting our site.

Sabre was our boy. Always wanting to play and take care of the family.  We will miss his happy go lucky personality.

Jazmine looked after everyone, she was the Mother of the group.... She kept everyone in their place, she was very affentionate and she always wanted to be close to  you.  We miss our Jazz...

Tasha was the "clown" of the group,  she always had a toy in her mouth, her best friend was Bella, they ran and played all the time.  We will miss her very much.

Bella, beautiful Bella copied everything Tasha did.  They were the best of friends and Bella misses her very much, but Bella did have a litter of  puppies on Jan 6th, 2004 
(9 beautiful babies.) With her having these puppies it has helped with the absense of loosing  her "best friend" Tasha. 

Gabby "our" sweet Gabby, she is soooo laid back it's unbelievable.  Gabby does her "own" thing and she hasn't  a single care in the world. she just loves to lay around and look at everyone play or sleep.

Nigel was an absolute baby, he was soooo laid back, he loved attention.  He loved to play catch with any of the toys, but he had a very special toy which you can see when you go to his page.  Our Nigel "The ture GIANT."

Sabrina always wants to be loved and cuddled, she is such a sweet loving girl, infact she would sit with you all day as long as you were petting her. 

Coco she is growing like a weed...... She really has  some "legs" on her... She loves to chew on toys on their sleep pillows oh and Sabrina !! Coco plays with all the dogs and she is a very loving.  

Shiloh our "Gift From Sabre."  I kept Shiloh out of Sabre's last litter, he did not produce any Landseer's so I  kept a black.  When Shiloh was born she had a white blaze on her chest in the shape of a "wishbone" I knew then that she was the one that "Sabre had picked for us. " 

Falco our little boy, ( really not sooo little.)  Nigel is his father and at 7 months old he is tall and has a beautiful head on him.  He loves the water and dirt.!!!!!........  He never stays clean, he really enjoys playing with the other dogs especially CoCo.

Kirra is our baby girl.  She is a CoCo/Nigel puppy.  She is so sweet  and very loving.  She is a quick learner and listens very well.

Aragon: He is an absolute "Lover" He loves to cuddle and kiss you ALL the time.  The "Girls" are going to "LOVE" him sooooooo much.  Im working on his site so please be patient.......

Luna: She is a CoCo/Byron pup, she looks sooooo much like her Mother CoCo. She is gentle, loving and so easy to train. At 3 months she knows how to sit, she sleeps all night and she has not had an accident in the house. So, so loving and beautiful.

Making changes to the website and adding more "beautiful puppies to our home." Please be patient as we are very, very busy and updating and adding is such a long process but I will update.

Just click on any of links to see photo's of them all.

We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we do.  Our "babies" (that's what we call them,) are the best and as far as health and disposition are concerned, they are in the best of health and they have a "WONDERFUL" disposition. We hope you enjoy the tour,  please be patient it might take a little while to download but it's well worth the wait to see all of these gorgeous babies. 

Thanks again for visiting.

Brookstone Newfoundland's.

CoCo@ 8 Weeks old now, 7 years and still so beautiful ......

                                  "BROOKSTONE 'S 
                                Homestead for our "Babies"
 Shilohn 10 months.
Sabrina at 4 Months Old in this photo she is now 6 half years old, such a beauty.
In Memory of Nigel
In Memory of Jazzmine
Kirra @ 8 wks, now 2 1/2 years
Luna Bear @ 4 monts now 1 year 3 monts, such a beauty !!!!!
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Argon @ 9 Wks Old, What a handsome boy
Bella is at the Rainbow Bridge
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Puppies 9 days old, growing & growing......
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